Was Whitby Jet used in Scrying Mirrors?

Was Whitby Jet used for Scrying?

🔮✨ Peering into the Mystical Abyss: The Allure of Whitby Jet Mirrors ✨🔮 Let’s step into the realm of divination and ancient mysticism as we explore the fascinating world of scrying mirrors. These captivating tools have been used for centuries to unlock hidden truths and connect with the ethereal realms beyond. As an academic researcher,… Continue reading Was Whitby Jet used in Scrying Mirrors?

Magical Properties of Whitby Jet

Whitby Jet is associated with thousands of years of magic

Magic and Whitby jet For thousands of years people have believed in the magical properties of Whitby jet. These long-held magical beliefs have resulted in jet having been used for banishing, purification, protection, divination and shamanic practices since prehistory. Whitby Jet has been used since the Neolithic! Whitby jet has been buried with the dead since… Continue reading Magical Properties of Whitby Jet