Magic and Whitby Jet

Whitby Jet has been used for magical purposes since prehistory. It's good to keep the magic alive...

Magic and Whitby jet Alongside its use in personal adornment, Whitby jet has long-held magical properties and as a result has been used for banishing, purification protection, divination and shamanic practices since prehistory. Jet has been buried with the dead since the Neolithic in the British Isle. In mainland Europe, we can trace this practise as… Continue reading Magic and Whitby Jet

How to collect antique Whitby jet jewellery

A collection of antique Whitby Jet

How to collect antique Whitby jet jewellery If you are tired of vintage trams and banana stickers or napkins are no longer floating your collectors’ boat, then why not consider how to collect antique Whitby jet? Unlike my fellow gemmologists, who all have their personal gem and jewellery collections, I’ve found over the years that… Continue reading How to collect antique Whitby jet jewellery

Let’s go jet mining…

Crude oil dripping from The Mulgrave Shale Member in a Whitby Jet mine.

In periods of high demand, it will always be necessary to mine for Whitby jet. This causes us problems however, as jet mining is illegal in the Whitby area. Why I hear you ask? Well, Whitby jet occurs as individual planks in the host rock over approximately an eight-mile coastal outcrop. This land is privately… Continue reading Let’s go jet mining…

What is Whitby Jet?

  What is Whitby jet? “What is Whitby Jet?”, is probably the most frequently asked question in Whitby! Jet information available online is often confusing and more often than not, is completely incorrect for example, the monkey puzzle myth. I shan’t go into that here but you can learn the truth here Is Whitby Jet… Continue reading What is Whitby Jet?

Is Whitby Jet Monkey Puzzle wood?

Sarah Caldwell Steele attacked by a monkey puzzle tree.

Is Whitby Jet monkey puzzle? Warning: Potentially upsetting content. Inside all children is a desire to learn funky new things about the world, especially if they’re random facts that completely blow our minds. Our spongey little grey cells, however, are vulnerable to all sorts of adult deceptions, and almost everybody remembers a time when a… Continue reading Is Whitby Jet Monkey Puzzle wood?

How to find Whitby Jet

How to find Whitby Jet – A Jet Setters Guide.   If you like nothing better than vast expanses of golden, life-guard patrolled beaches, jet collecting might not be for you. If, however, you appreciate some of the finest geology that the British Isles has to offer, coupled with a potential sprained ankle, a million… Continue reading How to find Whitby Jet